About Crystal Plast © :

As Masader is now one of the leading suppliers of all disposable items, our products are now registered with trademark known as Crystal Plast ©.

Crystal Plast © offers a line of food and drink packaging for the takeaway, home delivery, retail food service or food manufacturing markets. The range that we provide includes Paper Cups, Clear Cups, Disposable Cutlery, Food Containers, Napkins, Disposable Plates, cardboard boxes for snacks and much more.

We stock a substantial range of quality products, which are shown in our website. If specialized items you need are not shown, please contact us as we may already stock it, or can custom make it for you.


We offer one of the most popular packaging materials which are widely required for packaging of various delicate products. Bubble film is a very diverse and effective cushioning material that can be layered or wrapped around products.

This can be used in the form of rolls or bags for various packaging requirements of products such as: Electronic & Electrical appliances. Glassware, Ceramic products, Handicrafts, Pharmaceuticals Scientific instruments and many other applications.

This lightweight flexible cushion packaging enhances the appearance & durability of the products. The bubble film is available in different densities.

Our Bubble Wrap is very strong and durable, unlike many brands it tears virtually straight preventing waste and saving you time. This is available in large and small bubble and in many widths.

We supply the best quality laminated Bubble Rolls and Sheets which are used for the packaging of various products

The specifications of the Bubble Rolls are as follows:

• Suitable for packing fragile items.
• Shock resistant.
• Water proof.
• High resistance to wear and tear.
• Non-toxic.

This is available in a variety of dimensions and thickness as per the requirements of our customers.

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