About Crystal Plast © :

As Masader is now one of the leading suppliers of all disposable items, our products are now registered with trademark known as Crystal Plast ©.

Crystal Plast © offers a line of food and drink packaging for the takeaway, home delivery, retail food service or food manufacturing markets. The range that we provide includes Paper Cups, Clear Cups, Disposable Cutlery, Food Containers, Napkins, Disposable Plates, cardboard boxes for snacks and much more.

We stock a substantial range of quality products, which are shown in our website. If specialized items you need are not shown, please contact us as we may already stock it, or can custom make it for you.

Stretch Film

"We Supply high quality stretch wrap and many more packaging products while providing the best customer service to industry throughout Jordan"

A variety of stretch films are available suitable for a variety of applications.

* Stretch wrap machines are packing essential where large volumes of stretch wrapping are required.

* Stretch wrap machines provide maximum efficiency whilst reducing labor and film costs

* Stretch wrap machines typically comprise of a turntable where the pallet is loaded onto,
this turntable then rotates whilst stretch film is applied around the outside of the pallet, securing the items in place.

The stretch wrap film is applicable in the following fields:

* Pallet Wrapping.
* Compacting & Bounding.
* Handling & Protection.
* Industrial & Commercial.
* Moving & Storage Companies.

A huge range of specifications are available in stock. Any other sizes or specifications of this item can be supplied to order.

The major advantage of stretch film is that it can easily be used to wrap irregular loads with the minimum of efforts.

A wide range of manual stretch film is also provided


While it wraps your product safely; it does not introduce any extra weight due to its lightness.

It can wrap sharp edges without being torn, it is flexible and strong

Various dimensions and stretch ratios are available!

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Shrink Film
Stretch Film
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