About Crystal Plast © :

As Masader is now one of the leading suppliers of all disposable items, our products are now registered with trademark known as Crystal Plast ©.

Crystal Plast © offers a line of food and drink packaging for the takeaway, home delivery, retail food service or food manufacturing markets. The range that we provide includes Paper Cups, Clear Cups, Disposable Cutlery, Food Containers, Napkins, Disposable Plates, cardboard boxes for snacks and much more.

We stock a substantial range of quality products, which are shown in our website. If specialized items you need are not shown, please contact us as we may already stock it, or can custom make it for you.
“Putting customers and quality on the supreme position”.

Masader Company has been in operation since 1997 and is now one of the leading suppliers of Packaging, wrapping material and disposable items.
Our mission objective is to be the very best in the supply of those items that are both cost effective and high in quality. We offer a first class service in the industry we serve. We strive on customer satisfaction and always provide you with the best possible service we can.
Our Mission:
Our goal is to ensure that our customers are provided with quality products, on time, and at value for money prices. Keep checking our site frequently for special promotions and new products.
Client Satisfaction
Over the span of 13 years, our organization has been able to attain a reputable position and continues to maintain it. We have been able to achieve optimum client satisfaction, owing to our client oriented methodologies, and commitment towards offerings our clients with the highest quality range. We provide superior customized solutions and offer products that meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Our Company has grown to serve its main client base in Jordan and Arab world.

The result is that we have excellent reputation throughout this specific industry.

Our website tells you everything you need to know about our background and our products.
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